Stephenson Gift

Stephenson Cancer Center became a leader in cancer research and treatment thanks to the philanthropic support of our community, including our namesakes, the Stephenson Family Foundation and Peggy and Charles Stephenson. Now, they are encouraging us to do more by committing $20 million to expand our cutting-edge research programs that directly benefit all Oklahomans.

We invite you to join our efforts as we look to match their generous pledge.   

How to Support This Gift

Your gift, no matter the size, brings our center one step closer to discovering groundbreaking research and revolutionary treatments. Donations made today go directly toward:

  • The recruitment of additional world-class scientists
  • The creation of five new endowed chairs in cancer research
  • Renovation of laboratory space with innovative features and technology

Each dollar you contribute also serves as a stepping stone to secure financial support from the National Cancer Institute and other organizations that make promising new therapies a reality for the one out of six Oklahomans who seek treatment at our center.

Give today, and see your generosity make a difference for every single Oklahoman who is affected by cancer.

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About the Stephensons

Members of the Stephenson family have been deeply affected by cancer during their lives. They have transformed those personal experiences into an opportunity for each patient and family at Stephenson Cancer Center to receive the best care available, informed by the latest research discoveries.

“When we had the opportunity to give back in a way that would fight cancer, we knew that’s what we wanted to do,” the Stephensons said. “Our entire family is committed to helping the cancer center continue the pursuit of excellence. Research is crucial in creating more effective treatments for all types of cancers. Research excellence, combined with the care and compassion of everyone who works at the cancer center, is what makes it such a special place. We are grateful to help make a difference.”