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Agilent SureScan Microarray Scanner System


The Agilent SureScan Microarray Scanner is a state-of-art, laser-induced fluorescence scanner designed to read microarrays printed on standard 1” × 3” slides. The SureScan scanner measures the fluorescence intensity of labeled sample nucleic acid (DNA and RNA) bound to microarrays. Data extraction is handled by the Feature extraction program available on the connected computer. Data analysis can be done with the Gene Spring software.

Scanner capabilities include:

  • Scan CGH, CGH+SNP, ChIP-on-chip, DNA methylation, microRNA arrays with dual color and up to 3 microns sensitivity
  • Feature extraction software extracts data from Agilent and other company array slides

Operating Procedures

Investigators design and run their microarray slide hybridization protocol. For hybridization of the slides, the core houses a hybridization oven with adjustable temperature for investigator use. Slides can be scanned by the core personnel as per the investigator protocol.

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Core Hours

Monday through Friday
8 am to 5 pm

Contact Information

Muralidharan Jayaraman, PhD
Director of Research Core Operations
P: (405) 271-6890
E: muralidharan-jayaraman@ouhsc.edu

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For rates and billing information, please contact the Director of Research Core Operations.

Usage Acknowledgement

If research supported by the Stephenson Cancer Center core facilities results in a publication or news release, please acknowledge this support in your manuscript. Following publication, please send us one of your reprints for our records.