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Preclinical Translational Cancer Research Program


The goal of the Preclinical Translational Cancer Research (PTCR) program is to advance scientific discovery and development of ideas in order to impact the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Expertise among PTCR members spans the disciplinary continuum, from elucidating basic mechanisms of tumorigenesis to translating ideas into novel strategies and technologies, creating a robust environment for the generation and translation of ideas. The Specific Aims of the PTCR program are:

  1. To discover cellular mechanisms that regulate tumor growth, progression and response to therapy;
  2. To determine the functional mechanisms underlying tumor cell-stroma interactions leading to tumor progression and metastasis; and
  3. To develop novel tools and applications for nanomaterial and imaging technologies that enhance cancer detection, response prediction and treatment.

Program Leaders

Min Li, PhD
Rajagopal Ramesh, PhD