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Cancer Prevention
and Control

Cancer Prevention and Control Program


The goal of the Cancer Prevention and Control (CPC) program is to reduce the burden of cancer in Oklahoma, and especially in the state’s underserved populations. The Specific Aims of the CPC program are:

  1. To conduct community-engaged research to address the disproportionate burden of cancer affecting American Indian (AI), rural and other underserved communities in the SCC catchment area;
  2. To discover the mechanisms underlying tobacco initiation, maintenance, cessation and relapse, and to develop and evaluate novel tobacco treatments targeted to vulnerable and underserved populations; and
  3. To discover, develop and apply natural, synthetic and biological agents to prevent, reverse or suppress cancer disease progression in high-risk cohorts in the SCC catchment area and nationally.

Program Leaders


CV Rao, PhD
Paul Spicer, PhD
Damon Vidrine, DrPH