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Membership Types


Full Member (CCSG Category)

Full members of the SCC must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  1. conduct independent, peer-reviewed funded, cancer-focused research;
  2. serve as PI of an interventional investigator-initiated trial (IIT), or as national PI of an NCTN trial; and/or
  3. serve in an SCC leadership position.

Full members must have a substantial record of research productivity and SCC participation. They must have cancer-focused publications in peer-reviewed journals, be active participants in an SCC research program and other center activities, and be primary users of SCC shared resources.

“Peer-Reviewed” funding sponsors are defined by the NCI (complete list).


Associate Member (CCSG Category)

Associate members are faculty who conduct cancer-focused research as evidenced by:

  1. significant authorship or co-authorship;
  2. a significant and independent contribution to cancer-focused research;
  3. being PI (trainee) of a peer-reviewed funded training grant; and/or
  4. being a newly recruited junior faculty in a start-up period (three year).

Associate members must be active participants in programmatic activities and utilize SCC shared resources.

Affiliate Member (Non-CCSG Category)

This category is intended primarily for: 

  1. Investigators, including non-faculty investigators (e.g., post-doctoral trainees, research associates), who engage in cancer research but have had no active, independent, cancer-related grant funding or publications within the last three years.
  2. Investigators in other research areas who are interested in translating their work into cancer.
  3. Investigators from an institution other than the University of Oklahoma (OUHSC, OU Norman, OU Tulsa) or the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation (OMRF) who wish to collaborate with Stephenson Cancer Center members and participate in cancer center-sponsored activities.

Clinical Member (Non-CCSG Category)

Stephenson Cancer Center clinicians directly involved in patient care activities but who do not have an active record of research activities within the last three years. Clinical faculty who do not meet the requirements of Full, Associate, or Affiliate Membership may be classified as Clinical Members.

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