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Pharmacy Services


The Stephenson Cancer Center pharmacy consists of the infusion pharmacy, retail pharmacy, and the clinical pharmacy team. Our pharmacists are an extension of the patient care team and work closely with your physicians to provide seamless, convenient, and safe care.

Our pharmacy has access to patients’ medical records, doctors’ notes, and up-to-date laboratory results that assist us in ensuring the safety and optimal care of our patients.



Pharmacy Services

Infusion Pharmacy

The infusion pharmacy provides drug distribution services primarily for IV admixtures and investigational agents.

Retail Pharmacy

The outpatient pharmacy provides prescription services and specialized dispensing primarily for oral oncology medications in addition to selective supportive care medications (i.e. antiemetics, antidiarrheals, etc. ) prescribed by SCC physicians. The retail pharmacy technicians and pharmacist will work with your insurance company to secure any authorizations needed to help ensure that your drugs are covered by your benefit plan.  If not, you can be connected with financial help from manufacturers and non-profit organizations, if available.

These include oral chemotherapy agents that can be taken in the comfort of your own home.  To help you make the most of these innovative therapies, we will collaborate with your doctor to ensure your treatment plan is working while helping you manage side effects and avoid drug interactions.

Our pharmacists offer complete counseling services, including medication teaching guides and one-on-one, free private consultation tailored specifically to each individual patient. In addition, patients receive drug information handouts along with resources regarding their treatment.

Clinical Pharmacy

Clinical pharmacists provide comprehensive direct patient care services, collaborates and initiates clinical research, and promotes rational drug therapy. Clinical services provided are tailored to patient care needs and include pharmacokinetic monitoring, pharmacokinetic dosing, metabolic support and patient education. Current emphasis in drug therapy management includes drug safety, efficacy and issues in supportive care. 

The clinical programs incorporate the needs of our oncology patients. Our staff works directly with the primary health care team, rounding with physicians, planning with nurses, coordinating with the lab, facilitating research and providing patient and staff education.

The OU Department of Pharmacy is committed to supporting the cancer center's mission as it applies to the safe and effective use of drugs. To achieve this outcome we recognize and support the concept that the pharmacy staff is an integrated part of the multidisciplinary approach to patient care, education, and research. 

Inherent in this philosophy is the concept that pharmacy has the primary responsibility for drug information and is accountable to apply that knowledge as the “patient’s advocate” for all drug therapy, drug delivery, research and education. This responsibility requires the pharmacy to play an active role in both original and supportive research along with educational programs designed for patients, hospital staff and the community. 

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Contact Information

Floor 1, Retail Pharmacy
Stephenson Cancer Center
800 NE 10th St., Suite 1044
Oklahoma City, OK 73104
(405) 271-1488

Pharmacy Hours

Monday through Friday
8:30 am to 5 pm
Closed from noon to 12:30 daily

Supportive Care

The mission of the Supportive Care Program at the Stephenson Cancer Center is to restore and maintain the quality of life for people living with cancer and their families through the interdisciplinary delivery of expert symptom management, palliative care, health promotion and prevention interventions for the person diagnosed with cancer.

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