Tobacco Free Environment

The Stephenson Cancer Center was built to care for you-- mind, body, and spirit.  We strive to create a welcoming and healthy environment in which you can receive treatment and begin to heal. For this reason, the Stephenson Cancer Center is a Tobacco Free Environment. Smoking or the use of any tobacco product is prohibited inside the cancer center, in the parking garage, and on facility grounds. 

We understand that it may be difficult for you to abstain from smoking and we would like to help you. If you are thinking about quitting tobacco, free treatment is available through our Tobacco Treatment Research Program. We are happy to discuss your options and answer your questions, even if you are not completely sure you are ready to quit.

  • Free counseling (in person or telephone)
  • Free nicotine patches, lozenges, and gum
  • Pending eligibility, access to research studies which use smartphone apps, medications, or financial incentives to help you quit tobacco

Please call us at (405) 271-QUIT (7848).

Contact Information

Tobacco Treatment Research Program
755 Research Parkway, Suite 150 | MAP
Oklahoma City, OK 73104
P: (405) 271-QUIT (7848)