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Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team


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Cancer can be complex, but that doesn't mean your care team should be. The Stephenson Cancer Center takes a multidisciplinary approach to patient-care. By bringing together specialists from several fields, we are able to form a diverse treatment team. Through this collaborative approach, our cancer experts share their diverse knowledge, skills, and experiences to develop the most comprehensive treatment plan for our patients. The result is precision medicine, which is a highly-individualized treatment plan for each patient depending on their unique diagnosis and health characteristics.

Our multidisciplinary teams meet regularly as a group to evaluate patient profiles, review and discuss treatment plans, examine newly developed therapies that could be beneficial to patients, and enroll patients in the latest clinical trials.

Cancer Care Team Professionals


At the Stephenson Cancer Center, our highly-trained team of caregivers will become your team and strive to help you with everything you or a caregiver may need. 

The following information will help you understand the important role each member plays in providing you with comprehensive care.

Medical Oncologist

A physician who has expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. A medical oncologist can prescribe chemotherapy to treat your cancer and is usually the primary physician taking care of your cancer treatment.

Radiation Oncologist

A physician who has expertise in using radiation to treat cancer. Radiation oncologists use various forms of radiation therapy to treat cancer in a targeted area.

Surgical Oncologist

A physician who removes cancerous tumors surgically. Surgical oncologists are usually specialized in a disease site (like lungs or breasts) and are experts in their fields. 


A physician who diagnoses and treats cancer using medical imaging, including MRIs, PET scans, CT scans, and X-Rays.  


A physician who examines tissues, reviews lab tests, and interprets test results to provide diagnosis and treatment information.

Physician Assistant

Physician Assistants, often called PAs, are formally trained to provide diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventive healthcare services in collaboration with a supervising physician. Working as members of a healthcare team, they may assist in taking medical histories, examining and treating patients, ordering and interpreting laboratory tests, and prescribing medications.

Patient Navigator

Patient navigators are an important part of your team. They are located in our Cancer Center clinics. Patient navigators are here to guide you through the health care process by identifying resources, coordinating care, and scheduling appointments.


The Stephenson Cancer Center is staffed with nurses who are specially trained in various areas of cancer care. They are dedicated to providing you with quality care. 

Our chemotherapy and infusion nurses are specially trained in administering your chemotherapy drugs and taking care of you during your infusion treatments.

Research Nurses

Our nursing staff also includes highly-trained research nurses who may meet with you to discuss various clinical trials that you may qualify for as a participant. They support and promote clinical trials research which plays an important role in learning new things about cancer.