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Lung Cancer Screening Clinic


One in 14 people will develop lung cancer at some point in their lifetime, and more people will die from lung cancer than colon, breast, and prostate cancer combined. The high number of deaths is due, in part, to lung cancer being found after it has already spread. A screening can help find lung cancer at an earlier stage where it can be more easily treated. Smoking tobacco is the biggest risk factor for developing lung cancer.

Screenings are tests used to detect cancer before any symptoms occur. The National Lung Screening Trial (NLST), a study conducted by the American College of Radiology Imaging Network and the National Cancer Institute, indicated that early detection with a low-dose CT scan screening can reduce the risk of lung cancer death by up to 20 percent compared to traditional x-ray screenings.

Eligibility Requirements

It is recommended that you receive an annual screening if you meet all of the following criteria:

Between the ages of 55 and 77 years old
No signs or symptoms of lung disease currently
Current smoker or former smoker who has quit within the past 15 years
Have a smoking history of 30 pack-years

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Contact Information

Lung Cancer Screening Clinic
P: (405) 271-5864

Floor 4, Multidisciplinary Clinic
Stephenson Cancer Center
800 NE 10th St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73104

Clinic Hours

8 am to Noon

Tobacco Cessation

Quitting tobacco is an important way to reduce your risk for lung cancer. The Tobacco Cessation Clinic at the Stephenson Cancer Center helps reduce tobacco dependence through our trained tobacco cessation specialists.

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