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Gynecologic Oncology Fellowship


The clinical faculty at the Stephenson Cancer Center is dedicated to the development of well-rounded, independent, academic gynecologic oncologists.

During fellowship training, a large breadth of surgical experience is provided. The fellows will be provided with access to robotic and minimally invasive surgical techniques including both laparoscopic and robotic lymphadenectomy, ovarian and endometrial staging procedures, extrafascial and radical hysterectomy.  A large volume of open surgery is also provided during the two years of clinical training including advanced pelvic surgery, upper abdominal and peritoneal resections, colorectal and exenterative procedures. The management of complicated surgical and medical patients is provided through the daily care of service inpatients and routine exposure to the outpatient clinics.

As high-volume accruers to gynecologic oncology group and pharmaceutical clinical trials, the fellows are exposed to a wide variety of both standard cytotoxic chemotherapy as well as experimental and targeted agents. The fellows become familiar with standard dosing schedules, chemotherapy administration and management of acute and chronic toxicities related to drug therapy. Opportunities to participate in the care of patients on experimental, even first-in-human, clinical drug studies are also available through the developed phase I clinical trials program in which the gynecologic oncologists participate actively.

A large volume of research is also performed through the Stephenson Cancer Center. Research opportunities, ranging from bench-level cancer treatment/prevention to clinical pharmaceutical, prevention and quality of life studies, are available. An established  well-trained research support staff is in place to facilitate individualized projects and data management.  During the research year of fellowship, all fellows attend graduate courses in basic epidemiology and statistics as well as clinical trial design further facilitating the development of individual clinical trials.

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Kathleen N. Moore, MD, MS
Program Director

Laura L. Holman, MD, MS
Associate Program Director

Tracey L. Young
Program Manager
P: (405) 271-8001 x 48151
F: (405) 271-1006
E: tracey-young@ouhsc.edu

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