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Gynecologic Cancers Clinic


The Gynecologic Cancers Clinic at the Stephenson Cancer Center provides comprehensive, multidisciplinary care for women with newly diagnosed cancers and recurrent gynecologic malignancies. Our clinic treats most kinds of gynecologic cancer including:

Ovarian Cancer
Cervix Cancer
Endometrial Cancer
Vaginal Cancer
Vulvar Cancer
GTD (Gestational Trophoblastic Disease)
Fallopian Tube Cancer
Primary Peritoneal Cancer
Gynecologic Sarcomas

As a national leader in gynecologic cancer care, our team combines the most advanced treatments available with the world’s most sophisticated technologies to provide the highest level of care. 

Our multidisciplinary care approach ensures that your diagnosis and treatment plan is developed and coordinated by a diverse group of cancer experts, while your care is monitored and evaluated throughout your entire diagnosis and treatment process.

Services and Treatment

Diagnosis (new and recurrent)
Complicated gynecologic surgery
Surgical care (robotic, laparoscopic, open)
Fertility sparing procedure including radical trachelectomy
Chemotherapy management and infusion
Personalized therapy
Radiation (collaboration with radiation oncologist)
High-risk cancer prevention counseling
Lab work, radiology and biopsy
Supportive Care Services

Clinical Trials

The Gynecological Cancers Clinic connects patients to clinical trials for all phases of treatment, including Phase 1, surgical, quality of life, and nutrition trials.

As one of the leading sites for gynecological cancers clinical trials in the nation for patient accrual, many breakthroughs in treating gynecologic cancers are because of clinical trials right here at the Stephenson Cancer Center. 

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Contact Information

General Clinic Appointments
P: (405) 271-8707
F: (405) 271-2976

Floor 2, Gynecologic Cancers Clinic
Stephenson Cancer Center
800 NE 10th St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73104

Clinic Hours

Monday through Friday
8 am to 5 pm

Supportive Care

The mission of the Supportive Care Program at the Stephenson Cancer Center is to restore and maintain the quality of life for people living with cancer and their families through the interdisciplinary delivery of expert symptom management, palliative care, health promotion and prevention interventions for the person diagnosed with cancer.

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