Chemo 101

Chemo 101 is a class designed to help patients and caregivers preparing for chemotherapy treatment at the Stephenson Cancer Center. You will have an opportunity to learn what to expect during chemotherapy and tips for managing side effects.

The class is offered twice a week, Wednesdays at 9 am and Thursdays at 4 pm, and the class takes approximately 1-hour. Family and friends are encouraged to attend so they can learn how to support you during treatments.

Topics covered include:

What is chemotherapy?
How is it used to treat cancer?
How can I prepare for treatment? 
What can I expect on my first visit?
What should I wear to chemotherapy treatment?
How can I contact the infusion center? 

Additionally, information on complimentary services and programs available to patients at the cancer center will be presented.


Please RSVP to the Chemotherapy and Infusion Center at (405) 271-3402.

Classes are held every Wednesday at 9 am and Thursdays at 4 pm in Conference Room 6012 of the Stephenson Cancer Center.