Health Fairs and Events

The Stephenson Cancer Center (SCC) annually hosts and/or participates in numerous health and wellness events with the goal of raising awareness of cancer in the community. Recent events include:

Colon Cancer Awareness Day
Featuring guided tours through a 30-foot inflatable colon!

Melanoma Monday
The SCC celebrates this nationally recognized awareness day by reminding university faculty, staff and guests Donut Forget To Wear Your Sunscreen and practice sun safety in the summer months and all year round. Complimentary donuts and sunscreen are a big hit.   

Don’t Fry Day
May is National Melanoma Awareness Month and the last Friday of May is Don’t Fry Day. The SCC partners with the Oklahoma City Zoo for a sun-safe scavenger hunt and kid-friendly sun-smart activities.

SCC Running Club
SCC patients, faculty and staff are invited to participate in the SCC Running Club, organized through Red Coyote Running Store, to train for the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon, Half-Marathon and Relay Teams.

Breast Health Expo
The SCC partners with community organizations such as Project 31, American Cancer Society, Breast Health Network, and OUHSC Rehabilitative Services to bring breast cancer education, awareness, and early-detection information to community organizations such as the NW Healthy Living Center.

Healthy Living Events
The SCC regularly brings speakers, educational programs and prevention activities to community-based organizations. Topics include colon cancer prevention and treatment, breast cancer prevention, and treatment and prostate cancer awareness. For more information, see the SCC’s Speakers Bureau webpage here.

The SCC maintains a robust collection of educational resources available to educate the public about:

Cancer Disease Types
Treatment Options
Prevention and Screening
Clinical Trials
Patient Supportive Care Services
Caregiver and Family Support
Lifestyle Support
Support Groups

Contact Information

If you are interested in finding out more information, or in having the SCC host or participate in a health or wellness event, please contact the Community Outreach and Engagement Core staff through the email address below.
Community Outreach and Engagement Core
Core Staff

Stephanie Pharr, BS, CHES
Community Outreach Coordinator

Heather Carter, MS
Community Outreach and Engagement Liaison