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Clinical Trials

Oklahoma TSET Phase I Program


The Oklahoma TSET Phase I Clinical Trials Program at the Stephenson Cancer Center provides an opportunity for cancer patients to participate in first-in-human drug trials, either sponsored by a pharmaceutical company or the National Cancer Institute. By participating in phase I clinical trials, patients can access a new generation of personalized and targeted therapies to help researchers determine their effectiveness and safety.

Launched in partnership with Sarah Cannon Research Institute in Nashville, TN, one of the nation’s largest cancer phase I clinical trials centers, the Oklahoma TSET Phase I Program is advancing the Stephenson Cancer Center’s mission of raising the standard of cancer care of all Oklahomans. 

The Phase I Program is named in recognition of support provided by the Oklahoma Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TSET).

Phase I Clinical Trials

Phase I clinical trials are also known as "first-in-human" trials. New drugs, therapies, and treatments must go through the three-step process of testing: phase I, II, and III. 

The goal of a phase I clinical trial is to determine the best dose of a new drug, its side effects, and the types of cancer against which the new drug may work. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) actively regulates phase I, II and III clinical trials to ensure patient safety and proper consenting guidelines are followed. Phase I trials are the most heavily regulated of the three clinical trials phases. 


Patients participating in a phase I clinical trial begin by receiving a low dose of an experimental drug that has shown promising activity in preclinical testing. The drug's action and its effects are closely monitored through frequent blood and other diagnostic tests to determine the dose of the new drug that can be safely given. 

As long as no severe side effects are noted, more participants will be asked to join the study to receive a higher dose of the drug. Increased doses will be given to each new group until the maximum tolerated dose is identified.

Joining a Phase I Clinical Trial

If you or a loved one is interested in a phase I clinical trial, please contact our Oklahoma TSET Phase I Program. A staff member will be in contact to discuss the patient's medical history. Not all patients will meet the inclusion criteria for a specific phase I clinical trial.

If it is determined that the patient could be a potential candidate for an active trial, they will go through the following steps: screening visit and consultation. During the screening visit, a  staff member will discuss in detail the phase I drug, the protocol involved with monitoring the drug, and any known side effects. Please use this time to ask any and all questions about potential participation.

If the patient is interested in participating in a phase I trial, they will be asked to sign an informed consent document. After signing the informed consent document, the research team will conduct screening tests and procedures to determine whether the patient is eligible to participate. 

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