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The Nov. 16 event is open to cancer patients, survivors and family members, regardless of when the patient received her diagnosis or where she was treated.

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The event is Sunday, Oct. 6, beginning at 8 a.m.

Several activities will be available for those recognizing loved ones or just wanting to offer encouragement to cancer patients and survivors.

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The goal of the study is to examine the effects that vaping has on the respiratory system.

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Prostate Cancer Screenings Offered at No Cost to Participants
Saturday, Sept. 28, in Northeast Oklahoma City

The N.E. Oklahoma City Health Task Force is offering prostate cancer screenings and information at no cost to participants, Saturday, Sept. 28, in N.E. Oklahoma City.

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Cancer Survivor Encourages Other Survivors to Return to Those Things That Inspire Their Passions

Tara Dominguez didn’t fit the profile, if there is one. She was young, with no personal or family history of cancer, and with none of the “usual” risk factors.

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