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Gynecologic Cancers


Program Mission Statement and Goals

The mission of the Gynecologic Cancers Program is to raise the standard of care and improve clinical outcomes for women with gynecologic cancers. Program members collaborate in thematically-focused, team-based projects in order:

  1. To discover and interrogate the molecular mechanisms central to carcinogenesis in gynecologic cancers in order to develop targeted approaches to improve prevention, early detection and treatment.
  2. To advance novel discoveries into therapeutic strategies in gynecologic cancers through the design and conduct of early phase clinical trials.
  3. To impact the SCC catchment area and the nation through the design and conduct of clinical trials that improve patient outcomes.

Program Themes

Theme 1: Drug development
Theme 2: Mechanisms of drug resistance
Theme 3: Biomarkers of disease prediction and response
Theme 4: Molecularly-targeted early phase clinical trials
Theme 5: Scientific leadership in practice-changing clinical trials

Program Leader


Program Leader

Doris Benbrook, PhD
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Joan Walker, MD
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