Stephenson Cancer Center Membership

Membership in the Stephenson Cancer Center is open to all investigators from the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation or other eligible institutions (see below) who are actively engaged in cancer-related research.  Investigators from all areas are encouraged to apply, including basic, translational and clinical research, pharmaceutical sciences, and population and behavioral sciences.

Membership Benefits

    The Stephenson provides members with a number of benefits and support services:

    • Access to Shared Resources: The Stephenson has multiple Shared Resources to support cancer research. Eligible members may receive prioritized access at a discounted rate. For more information see the “Shared Resources” pages on the Stephenson website.
    • Access to NCI-Funded Research Incentive Funds: Eligible members who are PIs on qualifying NCI grants are eligible to receive the equivalent of up to 10% of the incurred annual indirect costs, based on expenditures (for more information see the Stephenson’s “NCI-Funding Research Incentive Policy”).
    • Access to Seed Grant and Directed-Research Funding: Seed grant and directed-research funding opportunities are available to members to support cancer research that aligns with the Stephenson’s programmatic themes.
    • Access to Proposal Services Support: The Stephenson has a proposal services core to assist members with grant preparation and submission.
    • Access to Grant Resubmission Support: The Stephenson provides support and assistance for investigators who receive a competitive, but not fundable, score on a qualifying grant in order to enhance the likelihood of a successful resubmission.
    • Access to Laboratory for Molecular Biology and Cytometry Research: Members are eligible to receive up to 20% of their billed charges paid by Stephenson Cancer Center.
    • Pure Experts Research Profile: The Stephenson will create a Pure Experts research profile for all members. This interactive, web-based profile is a great tool for networking and building research collaborations with similar researchers.     

Membership Categories

Full Member (CCSG Category)
Faculty who are actively conducting cancer research as evidenced by being: (1) a Principal Investigator (PI) on a national, independently-funded, peer-reviewed grant (“peer-review” sponsors are defined by NCI Guidelines, click here to view the list), and/or (2) PI of an interventional, investigator-initiated trial or national PI of an NCI / NCTN clinical trial.  Funding should be R01 or equivalent level. Full Members must have a record of substantial research productivity and SCC participation over the last twelve months.  They must have recent cancer-related publications in peer-reviewed journals, be active participants in a Stephenson Cancer Center research program and other Stephenson activities, and be primary users of Stephenson-sponsored Shared Resources.  Research activities of Full Members will be a focal point in the Stephenson Cancer Center's anticipated NCI Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG) application.

Associate Member (CCSG Category)
Faculty who conduct research directly relevant to cancer as evidenced by authorship on peer-reviewed publications and/or being PI on a cancer-related grant (but not funding that qualifies as “peer-review” per the NCI definition).  Associate Members must be active participants in Stephenson Cancer Center research programs and other Stephenson research activities and utilize Stephenson-sponsored Shared Resources.  This category of membership will be included in the Stephenson Cancer Center's anticipated NCI Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG) application.

Affiliate Member (Non-CCSG Category)
This category is intended primarily for:

  • Investigators, including non-faculty investigators (e.g., post-doctoral trainees, research associates) who have no active, independent, cancer-related extramural funding or publications within the last three years but who are engaged in cancer research.
  • Investigators in other research areas who are interested in translating their research into cancer.
  • Investigators from an institution other than the University of Oklahoma (OUHSC, OU Norman, OU Tulsa) or the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation (OMRF) who wish to collaborate with Stephenson Cancer Center members and participate in Stephenson-sponsored activities.

Clinical Member (Non-CCSG Category)
Stephenson clinicians directly involved in patient care activities but who do not have an active record of research activities within the last three years.  Clinical faculty members who do not meet the requirements of Full or Associate Membership are classified as Clinical Members.

Research Program Affiliation

Scientifically-focused, highly-collaborative research programs with active members are essential attributes of NCI-designated cancer centers (and centers that seek to attain this designation).  The NCI highlights the importance of these attributes in the guidelines for the NCI P30 CCSG:

“Cancer centers foster cancer-focused research, in part through the creation of formal scientific Programs.  A Program comprises the activities of a group of investigators who share common scientific interests and goals and participate in competitively funded research.  Programs should be highly interactive and lead to exchange of information, experimental techniques, and ideas that enhance the individual productivity of scientists and often result in collaborations and joint publications.  Ultimately, the success of Programs is measured by scientific excellence and the emergence of productive collaborations.

Applicants should select a Research Program that best aligns with their primary research interests: 

Application and Appointment Process

Applications for membership will be reviewed four times per year.

Application Deadlines: November 1, February 1, May 1, and August 1

A completed Membership Application Form along with curriculum vitae and an updated NIH biosketch should be submitted via email to:

Stephenson Cancer Center

Office of Cancer Research
P: (405) 271-1878

All applicants will receive a letter notifying them of membership status within 30 days of the review deadline. Membership appointments will be for three years.

Membership Review

Per the NCI CCSG Guidelines, program members will be reviewed annually and recommendations will be made concerning membership status to the Director.  Membership may be revoked, and membership categories may be reassigned if criteria are not met. 

The Stephenson Cancer Center Director has final authority pertaining to membership assignment, reassignment and revocation. 

Membership Application Form

To apply for membership to Stephenson Cancer Center, please use this form, and return with your CV and updated NIH biosketch to

Membership Policy

To access the Stephenson Cancer Center membership policy, please view the PDF here