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Membership Application


A Membership Application Form may be downloaded here. A completed Membership Application Form along with curriculum vitae and an updated NIH biosketch should be submitted via email to cancerresearch@ouhsc.edu.

All applicants will receive a letter notifying them of membership status within 30 days of the review deadline.

Application Deadlines

Applications for membership will be reviewed four times per year. Deadlines per quarter are:

November 1
February 1
May 1
August 1

Appointment Term & Review Process

Membership appointments in the Stephenson Cancer Center are for three years. Members will be reviewed annually and recommendations will be made concerning membership status to the Director. Membership may be revoked, and membership categories may be reassigned, if criteria are not met.

The Stephenson Cancer Center Director has final authority pertaining to membership assignment, reassignment and revocation.

Member Responsibilities

All Stephenson Cancer Center members are expected to:

(1) Submit all cancer clinical research protocols to the Stephenson Cancer Center's Protocol Review and Monitoring Committee (PRMC).

(2) Acknowledge the use of Stephenson Cancer Center facilities, space and / or funding assistance, when appropriate, in research publications (standard acknowledgment text can be found on the cancer center website).

(3) Provide updates to the Stephenson Cancer Center upon request regarding publications, research support (including Notification of Grant Awards), clinical protocols, and/or other information that may be needed to fulfill the requirements of an NCI CCSG application.

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